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Image of Kakofonico - Welcome to my jungle (Intersezioni rec.) EP

Kakofonico - Welcome to my jungle (Intersezioni rec.) EP


Abstract, Breakbeat, House, Tribal...This release represent the personal side of the Italian artist Kakofonico, mixing ethnical influences through an electronic aproach to club.

Intersezioni sprang in 2015 inside the electronic music classe 129 of the G. Verdi Conservatoire of Milan. This reality gathers together a group of dj, I.T.s, musicians and performers. Exploring the different contemporary musical realities,including that of the club culture, the rave scene and also the contemporary music scene, the will to learn from each of them rose. This lead to enhance every single “intersection” that daily occurs among these fascinating realities. Always maintaining a qualitative purpose and a critical eye.
Intersezioni is a concept, an experiment, an event, a record label, a team committed to connect and enhance the electronic music world with a 360 degree focus an all the shades and opportunities.

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